Im always wondering on how did my journey start,or how do my journey in life ends.All i know is,Im living with my sister together with my aunties,beacuse Im 8 years old when my mom died because of stroke.After that day I promised myself to do something that can make my mom happy even though she`s not around.

Im currently on high school today,and at the age of 17 i have so many things achieved because every time I fail,Im saying to myself “I can do this at next time,theres nothing to finish if theres nothing started”.every time ,over and over I think that Im the worst person in the world because I lost so many important thins,I lost my mom and my dad isn`t living with me since the day that my mom passed.

Now I know what I really want in my life,I want to be an engineer,yes im not good in mathematics but Im pretty sure that I can do this if I want,because I have many peoples love me and they support me to be the best.The engineering proffession that I want to be is CIVIL ENGIINEER,yes its hard but Im sure that I can.I want to be an engineer because I want to make my loveones proud of me, and I want them to be happy and of course I want to make myself happy too.

I know that Im not alone in the world,theres so many people like me.I just want to say for every poeple like me to take a lot of patience because first we are not perfect so we can’t take everything that we want with an instant.We just nedd patience to reach our dreams and end our journey with a very impressive way.Lets not forget what we want and forget our past and nevermind what other says.